Friday – 6/3/15 – Committees of one and no undo…

Friday’s painting….

It’s a lot easier getting decisions agreed when its just yourself that needs to sign-off on an idea, but of course, there’s no confusion on where the responsibility lies if something goes wrong while you are painting….and no undo, having spent the previous 25 years in computer graphics where if you make a mistake you can hit the undo button (multiple times) its easy to go back to the version of work that was going well. With the painting there’s no such luxury and if its going badly its a cloth and turpentine and a swipe that doesn’t take you to a new page!

Of course when its just you, there’s no need to book meeting rooms, persuade people that your project should be given priority or find resources to complete an application… so there are good points too.

Found a great spot on the Wirral today to paint the Liverpool skyline from Monday, hope the weather stays good for the start of next week….


Wednesday – 4/3/15 – large landscape and seagulls…

Cold blue sky in Liverpool today, took some more reference photos for the large landscape painting from the Wirral to work with today and did some research in to the best areas to paint on the spot once the wind drops and the temperature rises (probably this Friday).

Rock Ferry area looks promising but is probably too south and the best spot is probably nearer the main Ferry terminal near the U-Boat exhibit, but finding a quiet spot near there is going to be a challenge! Still it will have the best view of Liverpool and the main buildings like the cathedrals…

Meanwhile painting work today was all on the large landscape version which went well, but I got side tracked in to painting seagulls, which may or may not ‘add’ to the painting…and if they don’t will be removed, I’ll give them 24 hours on the canvas before any decision on bird culling!

Will shift over to working on the large square canvas tomorrow, with a lot of drawing/painting of the Liver building.



Tuesday’s Work – 03/03/15 – Liverpool skyline detail…

Added detail today around the skyline, in particular for the Liver building.

The level of detail is always a critical mental debate you have to go through, as there’s little point in adding huge amounts of detail on one building (e.g. the Liver Building) and not the others around it as it would look odd and out of balance unless you decide to carry that detail across all the buildings.

Bought three new canvases for ‘London’ paintings and added base colour to get rid of the white background.

Going to look tomorrow for other painting locations on the Wirral with views across to Liverpool.


Mondays work…(02/03/15)…Four Seasons in One Day…

Liverpool: Four Seasons in One Day, though can’t say I remember the Summer season today!

Initial work below, blocking in colour with no detail, always a fight with oils to not add too much white in colour mixing and also to avoid add highlights of colour to early  – just because you can, and you know can have an immediate effect, even when you are fully aware it will have to be re-worked later – so a waste of time!

Still it was good to paint seriously again with the next few days being allocated to adding more detail and preparing a couple of canvases for some ‘London’ paintings.

Liverpool has a great sky line, with the distinctive ‘Liver’ building and the two cathedrals either end of Hope street… need to make sure I get some paintings done that include those!


Liverpool_Liver_Building_Close_Up_02_03_2015 test

First Canvas for Monday’s painting…

No it’s not the weather that’s turned bad in the North West, or a copy of a JW Turner storm, its me not liking to paint on a white background, never a good idea when with oil painting you work from dark to white…….so blocks of colour are put on a large canvas to get rid of the blinding white of the original canvas….!

…would make sense with watercolour painting (to work from a white background) when you paint from light to dark, but not with oils, plus it gives you a visual and colour texture to build upon.

Next step the drawing on site, with the plan tomorrow of a big sky and a Liverpool sky line…

Cheers – Dom